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  • Education and promotion for increasing the people's Korean language skills
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Korean Language Culture Academy customized on the user's needs

  • Managing the Korean language specialized education program considering characteristics of attendees
  • Operating 'Visiting Korean Language Culture Academy' at subscribed institutions
  • Managing customized and specialized classes such as education courses for North Korean refugees' language adjustment,
  • proofreading and correcting courses for the press and editors, courses for improving public language for Korean language
  • administrators and Korean language classes for adolescents
  • Managing the 'Online Korean Language Culture Academy'

Publications on Korean language culture and research results of Korean language

  • Publishing quarterly magazine The New Korean Language Life, which provides various articles of experts
  • on a theme related to the Korean language
  • Publishing the online news magazine 'Comma, Period.'
  • Publishing The Korean Language Studies Almanac, which arranges and introduces the results from the Korean language studies

Real-time information sharing through social network services

  • Operating twitter page (http://twitter.com/urimal365)
  • Servicing the information through facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/urimal365)