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  • Collecting national language resources and reinforcing the integrated information service
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Establishing and Providing Korean Language Resource Service

  • Providing the Standard Korean Language Dictionary which serves as a reference of Korean language spelling and word spacing (http://stdweb2.korean.go.kr)
  • Providing the Urimalsaem, an innovative Korean language dictionary in which users collaboratively add words and their meanings, and modify the content directly from the web browser (https://opendict.korean.go.kr)
  • Providing the Basic Korean Dictionary, a web-dictionary for Korean language learners with 50,000 vocabulary that are essential for learning Korean (https://krdict.korean.go.kr)
  • Providing the Korean-Foreign Language Learners' Dictionary, a bilingual dictionary for Korean learners, whose entries are chosen from the Basic Korean Dictionary and translated into ten different languages (https://krdict.korean.go.kr)
    ※ Ten languages: Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Mongolian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese
  • Collecting coinage every year